Saturday, December 18, 2010


yesterday it snowed for the first time this year! and it snowed. and snowed alllll day.
so of course we had a snowball fight, made snow angels :)

street below my window

mama and papa

snowball fighttttttt

never seen a white duomo before

dripping with snow and lights!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

i get to see these crazy people today :)

what they probably look like right now 

cant wait to see these twoo!

Secret Santa

We all picked names from a hat and had the best time guessing who had who. Heres Babette as our very own Santa Claus!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa Croce

The most beautiful church i've ever seen.

its so huge!

statue that the Statue of Liberty was based on

front of the church

fake tomb of Dante (the real one is in Ravenna)

Latin scripts

gorgeous stained glass

Robe of St. Francis of Assisi

tomb of leonardo da vinci

tomb of galileo

the original cross that got damaged in the great flood of '66

jesus as a tree kinda

beautiful fresco

the courtyard

Christmas is here!

My roomies and i took a photoshoot with the Florence christmas tree!

all the roomies!

projection on the side of San Lorenzo

Protests (sorry for the lack of posts, my internet has been down all weekend)

I saw my first ever protests in Florence, two on the same day! one was fighting for immigrant rights and the other was protesting the fur industry.

immigrant rights banner

marching band

smoke bomb set off by animal rights activist

disgusting signs with pictures of dead, skinned animals on them

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

LDM Farewell Dinner

Our school put on a farewell buffet style dinner last night. The venue was spectacular, the food was just alright, but it was a fun night and good to see all my friends from the semester!

insane chandelier!

lavinia :))

crazy ornate dining room

the roomies went out for drinks after, i'm gonna miss these girls so much!